Kids Party Games #1 – Musical Chairs

This traditional game has always been a big hit with kids. You need at least 6 players to participate and some chairs (there must be one chair less than the total number of players). The chairs need to be set up in two rows back to back. The players walk around the chairs when the music is turned on. Once the music stops, all players race to sit in the chairs. The kid left without a chair is out. One chair is taken out of the rows and this goes on until one person remains and he/she is the winner of the game.

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Kids Party Games #2 –Potato Sack Relay

This game should be played outdoors. You can have two or three teams. Each team has a potato sack. At a short distance away, put chairs or markers or even other kids in front of the teams. The first players get into their potato sacks and hop to and around the markers (or kids) and go back to their team. They get out of the sack as fast as they can and the next set of players does the same thing. The first team to finish wins.

Kids Party Games #3 – Simon Says

This game is very simple and can be a lot of fun. An adult (mom or dad) will be “Simon” and will give commands such as, “Simon says, sit down,” and everybody sits down. But the players will only perform the action when they hear, “Simon says.” Otherwise, they’re out. The player left at the end of the game is the winner.

Kids Party Games #4 – Statues

There is no limit to the number of players in this game. Have the kids spread out in the room. Start the music and let them dance and be as silly as they want to be. Stop the music and all players need to freeze in whatever position that they are in. When somebody moves, he/she is out. Repeat until only one person is left. He/she wins.

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