Playing is just as important for kids as it is for adults, and a dinner party is an ideal setting to let loose and enjoy. Instead of just talking, checking your smartphone and watching YouTube videos, connect with your friends by trying these five dinner party games that require nothing more than some good humor and a bit of imagination!

    The classic word-guessing game with a catch – NO TALKING!
    THE BASICS:Divide into two teams and have each person write a secret word or phrase on a piece of paper. The slips of paper are collected and separated, with each team guessing the other’s phrases or words. Alternating turns, one person from each team acts out the clue without speaking – and no mouthing! The team members can shout out guesses, but they have to figure out the word in three minutes or less. Each correct answer is worth one point.
    IN DEPTH:Traditionally, there are six categories for charades: books, movies, plays, songs, TV shows or quotes.  Players acting out the clue can begin by motioning the category and also informing their team how many syllables each word contains.
    MATERIALS: Pens, paper and your pantomiming skills!
    CHAMPS: The team with the most points wins.

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    Get your vocal chords ready – this game requires fast thinking and good singing!
    THE BASICS:Folks divide into teams and a designated person chooses a word. The teams have one minute to think of as many songs they can that contain the word in a lyric. When brainstorming time is over, each team takes turns in singing a song which includes the word.|
    IN DEPTH:What makes this game so fun and challenging is that no songs can be repeated and every member of the group must sing!
    MATERIALS: Pens, paper and warmed up voices.
    CHAMPS: The group with the most songs wins.


    Test your pop culture knowledge with a fun game in the spirit of 20 Questions!
    HOW:While your guests are seated at the table, ask each of them to write a famous person’s name on a Post-it note.  Without peeking, have every person stick their note on a friend’s forehead and get the game rolling. Each person has to figure out who their celebrity is by asking other guests a series of questions to figure out the identity.
    IN DEPTH: Make it even more difficult by picking a historical figure or a cartoon character!
    MATERIALS:Post-It notes, pens and sharp questions.
    CHAMPS: Whoever guesses their character by asking the least amount of questions wins.

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