At number 10 of Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports, we have rules. Outdoor games have more technical and sophisticated rules than indoor games. Indoor games. While made for family time fun can also have complicated rules and regulations but it is less likely so.  Indoor games have fun rules while outdoor games have really tough rules and regulations that player ought to follow.


At number 9 of Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports, we have uniforms. Indoor games don’t have any uniforms because most of them are a single player such as chess. However outdoor games are played in teams and thus it is mandatory that each team has a designated uniform to identify them by. It would be very difficult to identify team members without a uniform. Also, it gives away a lot of sponsorship offers for the merchandise companies which lead to sales and thus making money off of the jerseys and so-called uniforms. So in a way uniforms are feeding the consumerism in the world.


At number 8 of Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports, we have Players. As said in the earlier point, there are multiple players in outdoor games and there are fewer in indoor games as compared. Outdoor games such as cricket, as well as soccer, require more than 10 players per team whereas outdoor games like golf require only one. Indoor games like chess are played between two people but table tennis can be played in couples. So there are few exceptions in the number of players in both indoor and outdoor games.


At number 7 of the differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports, we have techniques. Outdoor games usually require physical strength whereas players of the indoor game usually are depended on luck or mental ability. Rules and regulations of different sports lead to different technological advancements. Players gradually learn or adapt to these techniques in time. For example, a chess player doesn’t need to know the best way to score a goal or stick a landing. Those techniques are for football players and gymnasts respectively.

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Environmental restraints

At number 6 of Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports, we have environmental restraints. We don’t control the nature or environment. Certain environmental restraints come into a factor in case of outdoor sports. Indoor sports win in this section. Rain, hailstorm, snowfall, excessive heat, etc. all are reasons that can lead to cancellation of a game. We have often witnessed cricket matches being postponed due to bad weather. Indoor games don’t suffer these consequences.

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